Adults Martial Arts - Karate for 14+ Years

We welcome adult students of all levels, what ever level of fitness from totally unfit to the honed athlete, whatever level of martial arts experience, from brand new beginner to experienced Black Belt, BBMA has a program that will suit your level and help you reach your goals and there is no age barrier.

Our beginner classes are taught by adult, professional, black belt teachers who have years of experience teaching martial arts. We know that men and women are trying hard to balance work life, family and fitness. Studying martial arts at BBMA offers a great way to reduce stress, get in shape and gain the enormous benefit of learning to take care of yourself! You will be in class with other adults of your own level of ability who share common goals for their health and life style.

We also have many families training and growing together in a fun filled karate program learning real life skills.


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